Souls in the Sand: Stories of Setbacks, Surviving, Stepping and Soaring, is a collaboration of courageous women of faith who have journeyed through life’s most challenging seasons and have discovered strength, healing, and a greater purpose beyond their comprehension. These women have chosen to share a part of their story and their heart with you with one intention:  To inspire you, encourage you, and reassure you that you are not alone in the journey called life.

The sky is blue, the sand is soft, there’s a warm salty sea breeze blowing. Come join us. We have pulled up a chair for you.

I am so excited about the upcoming book launch of Souls in the Sand. My husband has encouraged me for years to share a personal struggle as only a mother can to help others. When I was asked to be a part of this project, I felt I was finally ready to write. It took several attempts and many tears to finish my chapter of the book. I truly hope you will find value and comfort while reading this story and know that you are wrapped in the loving arms of God throughout whatever struggle you may personally be facing.

The title of my chapter is: “Lighthouse: Illuminating light through the storm”

Regina Burdett

Regina’s story is great…I read it first since I knew the family when they were dealing with some of the issues discussed…Was not aware of the full extent of challenges they faced…Just yesterday uncovered the book while sorting out things that had gotten stacked up on my desk during the holidays and moved it into a visible spot where I will remember to go back and read the other stories these remarkable women have shared.
Patricia Smith

I wanted to thank you so much for the book. My mom was recently diagnosed with kidney cancer. I’ve been with her, staying in the hospital. When she’s awake, she’s thoroughly enjoying me reading each chapter to her. She isn’t awake for very long, when she is awake. So this book of short stories is perfect. This book is getting both of our minds off the cancer and encouraging us both to keep soaring. Thank you so very much! Truly a Blessing in disguise.
Michelle Lister

Day Habilitation Activities Coordinator, Sunshine Center in Galveston, TX