About Regina

Regina Burdett married her high school sweetheart, Doug, after graduating from the University of Texas in 1989 and has two sons, Benjamin and Nolan. As a mom, Regina has navigated the school system to advocate for her son, who has special needs.  She and her husband founded a parent advocate group called PASSHI, Parent Advocates for Successful Students with Hearing Impairments. This group advocated for change and support for the local day school program in their area which serves over 100 students that reside in 10 different school districts. Their efforts resulted in the students now attending schools which naturally feed each other versus attending three different school districts by the time they graduate.  This has also significantly increased the number of students being able to participate in extracurricular activities offered by the district, to develop lifelong childhood friendships outside of the day school program, to have continuity in the school curriculum system, and allows for the more efficient use of the school resources and staff.

Professionally, Regina has worked as a child life specialist since 1989 and became one of the first Certified Child Life Specialist in 1994. As a child life specialist, Regina has served on several committees at the national level, is published in the book “Music Therapy with Hospitalized Children: A Creative Arts Child Life Approach”. In 2018, the Texas Children’s Hospital Child Life Department established the “Regina Burdett Award for Clinical Excellence” as an annual award to recognize child life therapists for clinical excellence.

In 2010, Regina began a new journey as an entrepreneur. Since becoming an entrepreneur she has gained a new perspective on personal development, becoming a servant leader and working alongside others who desire to create significance. Along the way, Regina has excelled as a presenter, trainer, and mentor to those around her and the voyage is just beginning.